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Artist:Okuyama Naoto (b. 1969)
Description: Blood #490 , 1917. Edition 1/1, dry point etching, monotype. € 850 Born in Yamagata prefecture he graduated from the Musashino School of Arts in 1996 in oil painting and in 1998 he finished a graduate course in woodblock prints. In 2001 he won the encouragement prize at the Aomori Prints Triennial. His works are printed using carborundum (a compound whose main component is silicon carbide) on aluminum plates. All prints are monotypes (ed. 1/1). In his prints, all titled ‘blood’, he wishes (…) ‘to express the energy underlying and inherent in all phenomena’ and the textual expression is created by the carborundum technique.
Size:Paper size: 64 cm (length) 51.5 cm (width) Image size: 40 cm (length) 30 cm (width)
Price:€ 850