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Artist:Rakuten Kitazawa (1876-1955)
Description: Magazine 'Rakuten puck' (issued twice a month) published by artist Rakuten Kitazawa. Kitazawa is seen as the founding father of modern manga and the first professional cartoonist in Japan. Rakuten Puck, Vol 2, no. 22, 15 November 1913. 24 pages with black-and white and color illustrations. Several English captions. Features comments on historical and current events and political cartoons and lighter forms of entertainment, such as cartoons portraying scenes from daily life. Cover: At 'cock day' fair- A beauty making purchase of 'Okame'. Okame is a type of Japanese mask, bestowing the wearer good luck and longevity.). Also features a large two page color-illustration titled 'Baron Goto in sorry plight'.
Size:30.5 x 22 cm
Condition:Good general condition.
Price:Euro 175