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Artist:Ōzeki Teijirō (1910-?)
Description: Big lacquered box decorated with large dragonflies. Outside of the inner box is decorated with grass. Inside of both boxes in red laquer. With original box. Made in 1939. Outside lid of box reads: Small dragonfly box with gold-inlaid lacquerware. Innerlid of the box provides more information: Showa 14 (1939) and documented in Yokohama. It won second prize. Ōzeki Teijirō was a member of the Japan Art Society. In March 1939 he exhibited this box under the sponsorship of the Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry. He received the second prize. At the time he lived in Yokohama.
Size:34 cm (length) 21 cm (width) 14 cm (height)
Condition:In fine condition
Price:€ 3900 SOLD

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