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Artist:Kinkōzan Sōbei 錦光山宗兵衛 7th or 8th generation
Description: A dark ceramic flower vase of the Kinkōzan killn with a branch of a flowering plum tree. Before 1930.
Signed:Signature on bottom of vase 錦光山造 (= made by Kinkōzan ).
Size:25.3 cm (h) x 15 cm (w)
Condition:Including original box.
Price:€ 1950
Reference:Old Awata family of potters. The Kinkōzan factory in Awata (Kyoto) produced a wide range of Satsuma ware. Kinkōzan Sōbei VII (1868-1927) was one of the first in Japan to welcome Art Nouveau, exhibiting vases influenced by this style in 1905 at the fifth Kyoto Exhibition. The factory closed soon after the death of Sōbei VIII in 1930.