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Artist:Takahashi Yūma 高橋悠眞 (b. 1988) and Matsunaga Keita松永圭太 (b. 1986)
Description: Void, 2017. Ceramic object in the shape of a kaori-shell. This work is the product of the co-operation of the two artists whereby Takahashi Yūma provided a lacquer surface finish to the ceramic object by Matsunaga Keita. The technique used for the lacquer surface finish is called kawari nuri, meaning experimental lacquerware. This technique originates from the Edo period, when samurai used it to decorate the scabbard of their swords. That is why the technique is also called saya nuri (scabbard polishing) This was a way to show their ranking and social status. In modern times this lacquer technique is used to leave patterns and structures on objects. The technique enables the usages of many different and vibrant colors.
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