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Artist:Miyanohara Ken 宮之原謙 (1898 – 1977)
Description: A large ceramic vase with beige glaze and stylized lotus motif inlayed and glazed in green.
Signed:With seal reading Ken on bottom. With original box, signed Miyanohara Ken on inside lid.
Price:€ 3750
Reference:Miyanohara Ken was born in Kagoshima and initially studied architecture at Waseda University in 1916. He developed an interest in the arts after being ill and from 1923 he studied ceramics under Miyagawa Kozan II and Itaya Hazan. He was involved in the establishment of the Totokai (Eastern Ceramic Association) in 1927. He participated in various art exhibitions such as the Teiten, Hoshukuten, Shin Bunten and Senji Tokubetsu ten. During WW II his kiln in Kamada, Tokyo was destroyed by bombs and he fled to Tsukuba where he built a new kiln. A few years later he moved to Matsudo in Chiba Prefecture where he worked and lived until his death. He was a pioneer in ceramics, often using multiple layers of glaze, inlaying one into the other, a technique he applied to this vase, or even sculpting the glaze to reveal a design.