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Artist:Hasuda Shugoro 蓮田修吾郎 (1915-2010)
Description: Bronze murashido patina geo deco cylinder vase. Murashido is a dipping technique used after firing. Oil is poured on the hot bronze and then exposed to rice straw smoke, creating a beautiful swirling patina effect. The bold and modern simplicity of geometric design is mixed with the classic elegance of Art Deco. With the original box, signed on the inner lid ‘Shugoro’ with artist seal.
Signed:On the bottom of the vase ‘Shugoro’
Size:19.2 cm (h) x 15.2 cm (d)
Condition:In fine condition.
Price:Euro 2200 SOLD
Reference:Hasuda Shugoro is the world renowned master of the modern Japanese bronze tradition. He was born in Kanazawa in 1915. He studied at Ishikawa Prefectural Industrial School (department of design and painting) and graduated from Tokyo School of Art in 1938 (department of crafts, chukin section). First award at the 5th Nitten in 1949. Hokuto Award in 1953, many prizes followed. He participated in founding the Creative Crafts Association (1952), the Japan Modern Craftsmen's Association (1961) and the Japan Metal Sculpture Institute (1976). In 1987 he was designated a person of Cultural Merits, decorated with the Order of Cultural Merit in 1991.