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Artist:Kamei Miraku XIV 十四代 亀井味楽 (1931-2014)
Description: Mizusashi (water jar used in the tea ceremony), takatori style. Multi-coloured glaze, with elegant use of the technique of "running" glaze. With black lacquer lid. Made in the Miraku kiln in Fukuoka (southern Japan) Comes with original box, with reads ‘Water vessel, made by Miraku’ (Mizusashi, Miraku zō) 水指, 味楽造, with artist seal reading Miraku. *Born in 1931 in Fukuoka as Kamei Genhachirō. Belonging to the Takatori school, kiln: Kamei Miraku. Entered the Takatori school of Kamei Yahachiro (13th generation). At 16-year old he became the pupil of his grandfather Miraku, who taught him the basic principles of the Takatori ceramics. Became the 14th generation Miraku in 1960. Takatori pottery relates to the tea ceremony, such as tea caddies, tea cups, and water containers, and elegantly deploys the technique of "running" glaze.
Signed:Signed on the bottom: Miraku 味楽 and 高 i.e. takatori style (高取焼). On box: made by Miraku, with artist seal reading Miraku.
Size:Width: 16 cm, Height 17 cm.
Price:Euro 1100 SOLD