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Artist:Yoshida Kashō 吉田華正 (b.1940)
Description: Black lacquer natsume (tea caddy used in the Japanese tea ceremony), decorated with a white egret with crackle (craquelure) effect. With autumn grass in gold and green, and stylized waves in gold lacquer. Beautiful inlaid mother of pearl, once again with craquelure effect. With original signed box, with artist seal, reading, from right to left White egret maki-e (gold and silver on lacquer) natsume, raised silver lacquer coating, large natsume, by kasho (白鷺蒔絵銀錆塗大棗華正shiro sagi maki-e natsume, ginsabi nuri, ō natsume, Kashō). *Yoshida Kashō (given name: Yoshiaki 利昭) is a prestigious lacquer artist. He was born 15 February 1940 in Komatsu city (Ishikawa Prefecture) as the oldest son of maki-e lacquer artist Yoshida Eisaku 吉田栄作. At just fifteen years old, he started studying maki-e and design under lacquer artist Nakauchi Teruo 中内輝雄. In 1978 he entered his work in a creative maki-e lacquer exhibition (Sōsaku Maki-e Ten) and won the Yomiuri Shimbun prize. Many prizes would follow.
Signed:On original box: Kashō and artist seal.
Price:Euro 1350 SOLD