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Artist:Neya Chūroku 根箭忠緑 (1897-1987)
Description: Bronze flower vase with a parrot motif, incl. original wooden box. Entitled (on box) 朗暢 (= Cheerful and carefree), seal and signature. Probably 1940-55.
Signed:忠緑作 = made by Chūroku.
Size:32 cm (h)
Price:€ 2900
Reference:Born in Osaka, Neya Chūroku graduated from the Tokyo School of Fine Arts. From 1928 through 1934 he participated in the Teiten exhibition, receiving the grand prize in the final year. He was an invited participant at the 1933 Chicago World Fair. His works includes sculptural okimono, but in this vase Chūroku exploited an Rimpa motif of a bird on a branch