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Artist:Kawamura Manshu (1880-1942)
Description: Waterfall with trees. Paper.
Signed:Signed and sealed
Size:134,2 x 30 cm. (221 x 42,5)
Condition:Good general condition. Two slight creases in the middle and the lower right of the painting.
Price:€ 1.110
Reference:Pupil of Yamamoto Shunkyo (1871-1933).Exhibitor with the Bunten; member of the jury of the Teiten and of the Art Committee of the Imperial Household. Well-known painter of the modern Kyoto school. Roberts. A dictionary of Japanese Artists. New York 1976. p. 73. Yui, K. Nijuseiki bukko Nihon gaka jiten. Tokyo 1998. p.139.