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Artist:Hashimoto Kansetsu (1883-1945)
Description: Carp. Paper.
Signed:Sui Kansetsu (the drunken Kansetsu). Sealed: Kansetsu ryofu.
Size:132.4 x 58.9 cm.
Condition:Good general condition. Box titled: Kansetsu sensei chori zu Nankai haishiki (Painting of a jumping carp by master Kansetsu, guaranteed by Nankai ( born in 1894)), sealed: Nankai.
Price:€ 1600
Reference:Japanese-style painter, who worked in the Kansai district. Pupil of Takeuchi Seiho (1864-1942) and studied in 1921 in Europe. Made many trips to China and was member of the Art Committee of the Imperial Household and the Imperial Art Academy. Frequent exhibitor at the Bunten and received the Asahi Culture Prize in 1939. Roberts. A dictionary of Japanese Artists. New York 1976. p. 41 Yui, K. Nijuseiki bukko Nihon gaka jiten. Tokyo 1998. p. 302.