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Artist:Kishi Ganku 岸岸駒 (1749-1838)
Description: A large painting of a tiger hunched up on a rock. c.1800. This rendition of a tiger is a typical example of the Kishi-style that Ganku established. The subject matter of the Kishi school emphasizes strength and power: so the majority consists of images of fierce tigers, dragons and birds of prey. It is more than likely that this was the result of Ganku's ties to the imperial court in Kyoto. With original box, signed and with artist seal in the inner lid. On the box it reads ‘Picture of a fierce tiger’ (Mōko no zu 猛虎之図).
Signed:Echizen no suke Ganku, with artist seal.
Size:Image: 153 cm x 84 cm. Including mounting: 220 cm x 100 cm.
Condition:Very good general condition.
Price: SOLD
Reference:Kachō-ga: The poetry of Japanese nature (2018), p. 97.