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Artist:Kitagawa Utamaro喜多川歌麿 (1753–1806)
Description: A kayoi-joro, or a prostitute who visits clients at home, bringing her own bedding, visible in the left corner, and her secret lover (mabu), from Prelude of Desire (Negai no Itoguchi. Published in 1799.One of the most famous shunga series. The dialogue is full of humour and sex (strictly for over 18!): The lover says: You're just like one of Benten's cats. I'll give you a tasty katsuo-bushi (dried bonito fish shaped like a stick, a favorite of cats), so eat as many as you want! She says: Stop saying such senseless things and put it in all the way!Don't tease me. He: You bobo (vagina) is cute as a rabbit... I'll push my thick mara (penis) from behind your buttocks, round like the full moon on the fifteenth night-just like the rabbit in the moon pounds rice in its mortar with its big pestle (From Forbidden Images, p. 61)