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Artist:Tsukioka Yoshitoshi 月岡芳年 (1839 - 1892)
Description: Triptych Moon: Ichikawa Sansho (Ichikawa Danjuro IX) in the role of the pirate Kezori Kuemon, from the series Snow, Moon and Flowers (Setsugekka no uchi). Published in 1890 by Akiyama Buemon. One of the most spectacular actor triptychs of the late 19th century. The face of the pirate is a miracle of block cutting.
Signed:Ōju Yoshitoshi ga, sealed Taiso.
Size:Ōban triptych.
Condition:Fine impression, very good colour, good condition. Some soiling on right and left hand sheets, a paper flaw in the moon. The soiling is often caused by the transfer of the black pigment onto lighter areas.
Price:€ 6250