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Artist:Suzuki Harunobu 鈴木 春信 (1725-1770)
Description: Spying on a couple making love, from an untitled series. A young girl holds scissors in one hand, the other wrapped around her lover who seems to have interrupted her making origami. Another is peeping from behind a shoji panel. In the adjacent room a display of Hina dolls indicating this scene takes place during Hinamatsuri, the Girl’s Day festival, which is celebrated annually on the 3rd day of the 3rd month. c. 1768
Size:Chuban yoko-e
Condition:Fine impression, colour and condition. Exceptional in every way.
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Reference:Uhlenbeck and Winkel, Japanese Erotic Fantasies, 2005, p. 92, no. 16 Hayashi and Lane (eds.), The Complete Ukiyo-e Shunga, no. 21, Harunobu, 1998, pl. 17 Shirakura, Eiri shunga ehon mokuroku, 2007, p. 228