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Description: Letterbox with lacquered details of a peony and a butterfly. No box. Anonymous. This box might be associated with the work of Takano Shozan (1889-1976) – formerly called a living national treasure. Takano Shozan was a pupil of Shirayama Shosai (1853-1923). A charming and famous example of his work (also depicting a peony) is mentioned on page 70 of ‘Japanese lacquer art, Modern masterpieces’ (Japanese paperback version; page 32.) The technique used is called Kiji-makie: the lid of the box is covered in tin foil, the contours of the peony carved out. In the carved part the decoration is made, and when finished the tin foil is peeled off, with the blank wooden surface remaining.
Size:30 cm (length) 21.8 cm (width) 11.2 cm (height)
Price:€1650 SOLD

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