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Artist:Anonymous (c. 1955)
Description: Unsigned black lacquer suzuribako (writing box) with king fisher decoration on the lid. The king fisher has inlaid mother of pearl in its plumage, and is sitting on a branch in gold raised lacquer. The bird is intently looking at the stylized stream in Rinpa style below, hunting for prey. The raised lacquer creates a sense of depth against the flat background, where small inlaid flecks of gold enhance the composition. Ca. 1930 Inner rim of gold, with an inktstone and waterdropper which is decorated with a flower motif.
Size:3 cm (h) x 23 cm (w) x 18.5 cm (l)
Condition:In very good condition, a few tiny scratches. The spots in the image are the result of reflections, not damage.
Price:Euro 1750 SOLD